Blue Waffle Different Reactions

One girl in you tube video she is telling about the blue waffle. She said that the when I see the picture of infected women vagina it’s discussing. She said it’s because of the bad girls and I am not wanted to show you that picture because it’s horrible. But it’s terrible; it’s awful I

Understanding and Treating a Prostate Infection

The prostate is a gland that is part of the male reproductive system, and is located just below the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, which is the canal that is used to empty the bladder, and as well the prostate works by producing a fluid that forms part of semen. There are various different problems

The Main Causes of Hypertension

In general, the main cause of hypertension is not known with certainty, the so-called primary hypertension or essential hypertension. Essential hypertension is probably due to changes in the heart and blood vessels. Whereas if the cause is known, than it is called secondary hypertension. Secondary hypertension is usually caused by kidney disorders, use of drugs

Dry Cough at Night

There is nothing more unpleasant than a night dry cough that doesn’t let you get a good sleep. If during the day you can handle the coughing crises more easily, when you want to rest and it doesn’t let you, you sure need a way to cure yourself. First of all, in order to get

Milk and Rice

Rice milk is surprising for its properties, taste and peace of mind that does not cause allergies because it has no gluten or dairy nutrients. Rice milk is an ideal food when the person is ill and can not tolerate just any food. Rice milk is surprising for its properties, taste and peace of mind

I am so grateful for my 2 wonderful daughters!

I am so thankful to have 2 wonderful, loving and supportive daughters. We have been living on our own for about 5 years now, and money has not always been abundant. We have had car problems out the wazoo and numerous other complications, too. Through it all, my daughters loved me, and supported me with

Seeing My World Through the Eyes of Source

By choosing better-feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your broader, wiser Inner Being. To be in vibrational alignment with the Broader Perspective while living your own physical life experience is truly the