Beer Reviews Cromwells Hat

As it seems like winter at the moment I thought I would review a beer appropriate to cooler weather. Imagine it is winter! One of the best things about winter is winter beer – strong, full of taste and warming on a winter’s night. Over the last couple of weeks we have been fortunate to

Beer Reviews Wild Swan

Generally I prefer stronger, darker beers. So when I came across a really pale lower gravity beer I wasn’t sure if it would have enough body and taste for me. Mind you, it was brewed by Thornbridge Hall brewery and they ARE one of the best up and coming micro-breweries I have encountered recently. It

Beer Reviews Wells Bombardier

I couldn’t believe it when I noticed that I hadn’t posted a review on Bombardier Bitter. It is a regular feature in one of my local pubs and one I have drunk on MANY occasions. I think by now I am pretty qualified to offer my musings on this traditional, and rather famous, premium ale.

Beer Reviews Youngs Waggledance

The beer called waggledance was developed by the Vaux brewery of Sunderland in 1995 and produced by it’s subsidiary, Ward’s of Sheffield. When these breweries closed, 4 or 5 years later, Young’s of London took over production. Young’s has been a family brewery ever since 1831 when C.A. Young and his partner purchased the Ram

Beer Reviews Belhaven Burns Ale

BELHAVEN brewery is situated on the shores of the Firth of Forth in the Royal Burgh of Dunbar – about 30 miles east of Edinburgh. The brewery was founded by Benedictine monks around 1415 when – after being given land there, they found the water to be excellent for brewing beer. The present brewery was

Beer Reviews Witkap Stimulo

I was looking at my photographs from our trip to Belgium and I felt the urge to review a Belgian bottled beer. This one is known by two different names ~ the one I know it by and have seen it for sale as is Witkap Pater Stimuloin some places it is exported to it

Beer Reviews Top Banana

While in Scotland recently we had a day trip to Dumfries. After calling at their Wetherspoons for lunch we had a while to kill before the next bus back to Kirkcudbright. A quick shufty at this year’s Good Beer Guide set us on course for a nearby pub and the chance of an interesting selection

Beer Reviews Anchor Steam Beer

The Anchor brewery, founded in 1896, used a unique American brewing method which was first perfected during the Californian Gold Rush days when refrigeration was not available. This method involved using bottom-fermenting lager yeasts in very shallow fermenting vessels which cooled the brew and formed a cross between an ale and a lager.The brewery went

Beer Reviews Black Sheep Emmerdale

I spent a couple of days in Yorkshire last November and while I was there I stopped off for a bite to eat in a village called Reeth, in Swaledale. The pub in question, The King’s Arms, served a lovely meal but what was of more concern to me was the range of fine ales

Beer Reviews Wychwood Pumpking

I may have mentioned it before but my local pub always has a couple of guest beers which are changed on a weekly basis. This means that without too much effort, I can sample different beers on draught on a regular basis. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re pure bowff – but what is life but